Course: Level I Visual Link Spanish Level I Rosetta Stone ¹ Rocket Spanish ²
Feature Visual Link Spanish Rosetta Stone Rocket Spanish
Lowest Price $79.99 $179 $299.95
Backed by a company in business over 15 years check check  
Native speakers check check  
Computer Software check check check (limited)
Toll free live support check check  
Used in schools throughout the US check check  
Speech recognition check check  
Comes with linguist headset   check  
Audio CDs that teach every section of the course     check
Companion MP3 check check (limited)  
Comprehension lessons check check  
Uses still Images to learn words   check check
Uses moving images to learn words (proven to boost memory) check    
Uses Spanish only with no English (don't know exactly what it's saying)   check  
Uses English to help learn Spanish (avoids confusion and guesswork) check   check
Build Hundreds of Complete Sentences after first section check    
Ask and answer questions after the first section of the course check (hundreds)   check (limited)
Learn useful phrases for immediate conversation in real life check   check
Intermediate fluency after 1 level check    
Culture lessons check    
Pocket-size manual for easy reference check    
Uses the spatial relations method to help build sentences fast check    
Has a certificate program with online testing check    
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²Rocket Spanish is a registered trademark of Rocket Spanish