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About the Visual Link Spanish Course

Level I Course
$199.95 (Retail Price)
On Sale for $119.99

Comes with:
  • Installation DVD - learn interactively with 524 interactive computer lessons:
    • Interactive Instruction
    • Vocabulary Exercises
    • Word Review Games
    • Oral Quizzes
    • Written/Type Quizzes
    • Pronunciation Instruction
  • MP3 Companion Disc - review what you've learned with the computer lessons. Listen to the review MP3s on your computer, portable music player, or burn them to a CD.
  • Mini Manual - a pocket-size manual that contains every word taught in the course so you can practice wherever you go.
  • Instruction Sheet - know how to install and activate the software.

Why should I use the Visual Link™ Spanish Course to learn Spanish?

The Visual Link™ Level I Spanish Course is designed to teach you to speak in complete sentences and help you become fluent in conversational Spanish. This computer software course consists of interactive computer based Spanish lessons that use a combination of visual and audio features to interactively teach you Spanish sentence structure in a way that is fun and easy to remember.

"...yours is by far the best!"
"Hello, Dave! I am a retired teacher and I have to tell you that having looked at most of the spanish courses available there is no doubt that yours is by far the best!

I have almost completed the basic programme and I am about to purchase the new Verb Module CD version."

John Valentine
Brighton, East Sussex

This combination of visual graphics and audio clips helps engrave the Spanish words and sentences into your long term memory, allowing you to easily recall them at a later time.

Rather than just teaching you a lot of vocabulary and grammar rules, like most other Spanish courses, the Visual Link™ Spanish Course teaches you to how to build sentences, ask and answer questions and truly communicate in Spanish.

In addition to learning Spanish sentence structure, the course also teaches you correct Spanish pronunciation. The course comes with a complete cd dedicated just to Spanish pronunciation. This part of the course teaches all the difficult sounds in Spanish for English speakers and helps you sound more like a native speaker.

"...better than I expected"
"I received my program about one week ago. I must say that it is better than I expected. I was slow purchasing a spanish program because there are so many out there on the market. One just don't know which is the most helpful. Visual Link has got to be number one in every household. Thank you for producing such a great language tool. I can't say enough about your product.

Again, thank you. I hope that others are so lucky as to try your program before waisting any money on products that are just for the sale."

J.D. Rhodes
Maben, Mississippi

Learn conversational Spanish for free online

The best way for you to start seeing how the Visual Link™ Spanish Course works is to take one of the free online Spanish lessons on this website. Every Spanish lesson on this site is taken from the Visual Link™ Level I Spanish Course where you will definitaly learn Spanish - guaranteed! The lessons in the Level I Course follow the same format and structure seen in the free online lessons.