Visual Link Spanish Level I Online Course Reviews

Visual Link Spanish is fantastic!!!

I learned more in one night than I did in the two courses I took at a local college. No kidding!
Your lessons make it so easy to not only learn but retain what you learn with little effort. I also have other CDs I've used over the last few years and they can't compare with yours. Now I know I'll learn Spanish after many frustrating previous attempts.
Thanks for a wonderful product that really does what it says it will!

Donna Lebo
Homosassa, Florida

Excellent Program!

This is an absolutely excellent program. Extremely easy and enjoyable to use, and with great results! I tried so many of them, and there is simply nothing else that even comes close! Instead of teaching you useless phrases such as "a lady eats fish under the tree" (a phrase that most likely you will never use), this program actually teaches you how to "assemble" useful, everyday practical phrases that you will be using a lot, from the "blocks" that are easy to understand and easy to remember. Buy it!

Feygin Englewood

It will get you talking fast!

At first glance I thought this would not have enough information in it to work. I was very surprised to learn this program has more then meets the eye. It will explain more infromation using secondary pop-up screens: Grammar, special rules and facts.
I have all the programs: Visual link Spanish 1 and Viaual link Spanish 1 & 2 verb program, and have just ordered the Spanish Comprehension Trainer. It would be hard to find anything better, because there is a lot of garbage out there. Visual Link Spanish programs are of high quality and worth the money.

New Jersey

this helped me do what i thought was impossible - learn spanish!

my bf is mexican, and i always go to his family parties, they tend to speak mainly spanish, afer a year and a half of not understanding anything they're talking about, i decided to get this, not only have i learned (really learned) words, this does an AMAZING job of helping me create spanish. i still forget some words or phrases, but if someone else says it, i know exactly what they're saying. i'm not a quick learner or a studier, but i'm pretty much addicted to this, im on it daily, cause i can really see the results, now i know there is hope for me to learn spanish, i have no regrets in buying this, and HIGHLY recomend it. it's great if u just want it to travel, it teaches all of that, but it's way more than just that. my bf is so proud of me, cause he can see a huge improvement. i also love how this not only teaches what the word is, how to pronounce it, but it also teaches how to spell it, theres learning, games, hearing quizzes, and written quizzes. i stumbled upon this, not planning on buying anything, did the demo, very impressed, bought, i have NO regrets.

S. Kukielski

A Wonderful Program!

Learning to speak spanish is made easy with this program! I learned basic needs in under a month with practice. I would highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to speak spanish!!

D. Halliburton
Sweetwater, TN

Warning, this course is addictive.

I have just bought the entire course from Visual Link Spanish after having downloaded the level one sample course.
To anyone thinking about buying this course.................don't hesitate. I am a language teacher myself, and I can honestly say that this is a well thought out, constructed course with fantastic visuals and stimuli.
As this is a review, I feel it only fair to issue one warning is Addictive. Every spare moment I have is spent at the computer absorbing more and more.
Congratulations Visual Link on producing the best Spanish course ever, in my opinion.


Best Spanish Self-Study Program Ever

Visual Link Spanish Level 1 is, without a doubt, the best Spanish learning method I have ever used. I tried the free lessons first, and liked it so much that I purchased the course. It is enjoyable, even fun to use; immensely practical (no useless vocabulary); and easy to work with. You will be speaking in complete sentences after just the first lesson. I looked at Rosetta Stone. Visual Link Spanish is much better, more enjoyable, and more effective at a fraction of the price of Rosetta Stone. You can work at your own pace, (unlike being in a classroom setting), and don't need an Internet connection. That means you can take it with you anywhere. I have successfully used Visual Link Spanish on both my Windows XP desktop and Windows 7 laptop computers. After finding and using Visual Link Spanish Level 1, I would never recommend Rosetta Stone, Rocket Spanish, or anything else. This is clearly the best.

Brian M.

The best complete software program for learning Spanish C.

Visual Link is the best complete or comprehensive software based Spanish program that I have found. What I found most effective about this program is the method in which it enables you to quickly start forming lots of sentences simply by taking a group consisting of one or two verbs and a second group consisting of one or more verbs and then a third group of consisting of nouns. After the first lesson you will be surprised at how many new sentences that you can form. With each lesson, you will be adding more words to the groups and as a result you will find yourself quickly forming new sentences in Spanish. I have recommended Rosetta Stone in some of my previous reviews but only because I hadn't discovered this software at the time. As a visual learner, I can say this software is a lot more effective than Rosetta Stone and more economical.

C. Robinson "La Gringuita"

I moved to Mexico and can actually communicate, thanks to Visual Link!

I can't recommend this program enough. Knowing that someday a move to Mexico was in my future, I have purchased multiple programs, attended classes, practiced at Mexican restaurants - and felt like I was just stupid and would never be able to learn - until Visual Link Spanish! I have been very serious about this - every day in my car driving to and from work for at least 30 minutes a day, and after several months, I spent a winter in Mexico. All I can say is WOW! I am so confident - yes, certainly still limited in scope, but what I have learned from Visual Link, I can speak with total confidence, which is the key. It is inexpensive, but very, very effective. I recieved trial cd's from many places, and this course worked the best for me. I love how everything is introduced in blocks and links. It makes it very easy to mix and match and drastically increase your vocabulary. You will not be disappointed (if you actually use it!)


Make Mexico Speak with this program

We go to Mexico every year for two weeks before retirement and now 2 months. I had Spanish in college but could not speak it very well. So, I decided to invest in this program and I have been very happy with the results. Every year before we go to Mexico I review the Level I program and I am retaining it. I have also purchased the DLC and the verb program. The first program is wonderful with easy to learn and understand programming. I have recommended it to several friends and they saw how easy it was to learn. This is a reasonably priced introductory course and it is better than any other more expensive courses that I have looked at that have big advertising budgets. If you want to learn Spanish and be able to speak with the natives, this is for you. You won't go wrong.

Lynn A. Warner "roadwarrior"
Bloomington, IL

Speaking Spanish

Visual Link is an outstanding platform to use in the study of the Spanish language.
It starts with the simplest words but in a few lines one is reading sentences. It teaches usable everyday conversational lessons but at the same time it painlessly weaves in grammar.
It is fantastic for the beginner learning this beautiful tongue, while being very useful to the advanced student. It is rapid, so if a trip to Spanish speaking country is in the plans, one can learn basics phrases.
Another program they put out is their Personal Proficiency Trainer. This is an online program that features Spanish speakers from many countries with different dialects to be listened to while the text of their conversation appears on the screen. This speech can be slowed down, run normal or stopped and reviewed at any time. This A/V is great for the auditory learner especially. Their support is fantastic and is USA I highy recommend this company and their products.

John M. Woods "Old Friend",
Eastern Washington

So Easy to Organize the Brain

I purchased Visual Link after going through the teasers they had online. After only a single session, I was feeling confident of my grasp on that module. I was at college at the time, and we had a few students from Chile, Colombia and from Mexico, so I thought I would go to them with my new-found (albeit small) vocabulary. They were amazed that I could pronounce so well and be able to put together complete sentences after only a single session of lessons!
This of course, prompted me to purchase the entire set.
I find that this way of learning helps to compartmentalize my brain so that I can take a piece from column A, add that to column B, throw in a dash of column C, and finish off with a great noun from column D, and BAM, you have an entire sentence!
Visual Link Spanish was an extremely easy way for me to be speaking comprehensive sentences within a single session, and each following session builds up the foundation of the first.
Along with this, there is a Personal Proficiency trainer you can use at a later point if you wish, for a small subscription fee, that helps to keep that knowledge fresh and useful.
I highly recommend this program to Anyone who wants to learn Spanish!


A fun way to learn Spanish

I have really enjoyed using the Visual Link Spanish course. I was surprised to be able to put together real sentences that I could actually use after just the basic lessons. The pictures that go with the words are sometimes comical and that helps me recall the words easier. When I'm working at my computer, I like that I can click on the "answer" in my own timing rather feeling like I have to beat the bell because that stresses me. I really think this is a great way to study Spanish, and you get A LOT for your money!

D. E. Walker

There is No Better Spanish Learning Program!

I have been studying with Visual Link for several years. It is the most user-friendly and interactive program that I have ever encountered. There are so many facets to it--online study, weekly newsletters, cultural tips, Facebook lessons and exercises, emphasis on pronunciation and understanding native speakers when they are speaking normally (fast), answering questions online--it's just the whole bag of goodies on one easy site.
You CANNOT go wrong!!!

James O. Trotter
Fort Myers, Florida

Natural Learing for the Human Brain

I am a retired English teacher with an MA in Secondary Education and have used this course myself. It is by far the most rapid and natural way to really learn a new language. Within an hour you will be confidently speaking a multitude of realistic, useful, complete sentences.....and you will just continue to build from there. The program is easy and fun to use and can be re-visited if needed for reinforcement and review. I brush up every year before going to Mexico and my friends there are amazed at my vocabulary, sentence structure, and accent. I have taken other Spanish classes in adult education programs but this method is by far the most effective in all respects....including cost. Enjoy!


Fun way to learn spanish

this is the best course ever , the pictures help you to remember the words , I have had lots of other courses over the years but I Advance so much more with visual link spanish



I LOVE MY VISUAL LINK SPANISH!! It is awesome!! This system is awesome. I have taken private lessons for two years plus paid a lot of money for Rosetta Stone! VLS is the best program to use and easily has you speaking in sentences in a lot less time than Rosetta Stone. I still keep the discs going in my car just to keep abreast of all the rules..It is very easy to learn speaking Spanish with this program.


The Best Learning Software!

This is the best learning software I've seen. I never knew learning a new language could be so much fun. Level II and III are even better - even though I started just a little more than a month ago, but I already can converse with spanish speaking people. Highly recommended!

Mila A.
Washington, DC


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