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These Lesson Plans for Spanish are 100% ACTFL Compliant!

The lesson plans contain over 450 pages (180 days) that give you day-to-day detailed lessons showing what to do in your Level I Spanish class. Lesson plans have never been so easy to create or submit to your principal. The lessons combine multimedia with direct instruction for an amazing combination that simplifies your work as a teacher and helps your students learn Spanish better than ever! There are 45 pages that tie each lesson to the ACTFL standards. This is the next generation in language learning. 8 CDs/CD-ROMs accompany the Spanish Lesson Plans giving you a multimedia edge and help you easily implement technologically in your classroom. Once you've implemented it, share the free Lesson Plans for Spanish with others and you'll be the talk of the teachers. Enjoy!

Proven Spanish Curriculum and Materials


Visual Link Spanish™ is a new style of Curriculum that has been developed by the U.S. Institute of Languages through intense research and development over the past 12 years. It has been taught at the university level and secondary schools all over the country with a high level of success. The Spanish Materials include the following:

For Direct Instruction

Supplemental Software

Here's How good the Curriculum is (Recommended by Professionals in the Industry)

After 35 Years of Teaching Spanish, Dr. Roger Minkle Ph.D. had searched for Spanish curriculum that would be an extension of lessons and methods he found so successful in the classroom. He said that any effective program would:

1. Represent words with visual associations
2. Teach the most important words and expressions in language first
3. Build sequentially on previous material
4. Take advantage of the rich reservoir of cognates shared by both languages
5. Simplify grammar and teach it only as a vehicle for basic conversational understanding and speaking
6. Promote the student's confidence right away through a sense of immediate feedback and achievement

Visual Link Spanish™ accomplishes all of those. Dr. Minkle praised it in an extensive 3 page letter extolling the benefits of the Visual Link™ curriculum.

Free Lessons and Games Below Support the 450+ pages of Lesson Plans

You can access hundreds of free lessons that help students in learning Spanish. These FREE lessons combined with our lesson plans for Spanish are a perfect way to teach your students without doing a lot of preparation. There are 8 different categories that provide a vast amount of information on the Spanish language. Please feel free to browse through the free resources and see which tools best support you.

Interactive Spanish Student Lessons

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Free Burrito Builder Spanish Verb Conjugation Games World Famous Burrito Builder Games
Extra Free help with verb conjugation for Students!
Spanish Materials Spanish Alphabet and Pronunciation Guide
Want to learn to sound less like a "gringo"? This guide will help you to speak Spanish like a native.
Greetings and Useful Phrases Greetings and Useful Phrases
These are the most important sentences you must know to get around the Spanish-speaking world.
Free Crosswords Puzzles, Word Searches, and Verb Games Free Crossword Creator, Word Search Creator, & Verb Conjugation Game
Create custom made worksheets and games for the words your class is studying today.
Free English to Spanish Dictionary Download a Free Spanish Dictionary Onto Your Site or Blog
Try our FREE online English to Spanish Dictionary! Use ours or place it directly on your website - see how.
Lesson Plans for Spanish Verb Worksheets
Learn to conjugate the regular -ar, -er, and -ir ending verbs with these worksheets.
Spanish Curriculum Grammar Exercises
Learn to use nouns, adjectives, and more with these online exercises.

How Visual Link™ helps Spanish teachers and students

The objective of these online tools is to provide more sources of information that students can access from a computer. Since the Internet gives such a vast amount of information, it is often difficult to link to the most accessible and usable sources of information that incorporate the desired amount of language learning topics. However, you can see that the major topics and most relevant aspects of learning Spanish have been organized to access each language component in a quick and efficient manner.

These Spanish teaching resources, textbooks, and materials were based on input from hundreds of Spanish teachers around the U.S..  They were designed to accommodate students in their learning endeavors, and support you as the Spanish teacher.  Because of the wealth of words and concepts and their reinforcing nature, they will strengthen the bridge between students and native Spanish speaking cultures.  The lesson plans for Spanish and curriculum are very diverse and will not only hold students attention, but will engage them. We have created these supplements and tools to support you as a teacher and highlight your skills even better in the eyes of your Spanish students and principal.

Lesson Plans for Spanish

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