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Visual Link™ Spanish

Teaching the world to speak Spanish

The US Institute of Languages produces and distributes the Visual Link™ Spanish Course and exists to help people become successful in learning and speaking Spanish.


The U.S. Institute of Languages was formed in 1995 and developed The Visual Link™ Spanish Course, an unparalleled method for learning Spanish. The Course has been sold and used by individuals in over 130 different countries around the world. The course has also been, or is currently being taught, at major U.S. corporations, government agencies, and universities. The success of the course has come because of one basic reason--it really works! It helps individuals learn to speak and communicate in Spanish in an easy to use, fun and effective format.

Visual Link™ Teaching Method

The Visual Link™ Spanish Teaching Method was developed by David S. Clark, director of U.S. Institute of Languages, in 1996.  It was then perfected by a team of linguists/instructors from the Institute.

The language is learned by themes like "Basic Needs", "Locations", "Survival Expressions", and "Communication".  Within each theme, the language is broken down into groups of words.  Words are chosen from each group to form sentences.

"The Spanish course I ordered arrived on Monday. It is all I expected it would be and I am well on my way to becoming a proficient Spanish speaking person. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn Spanish."

Jim Lowery

Instead of just learning isolated vocabulary words, Visual Link™ Spanish teaches individuals how to form complete sentences. This teaching method enables students to quickly start speaking in Spanish. In fact, by the end of the very first interactive Spanish lesson students can already form multiple complete sentences in Spanish.

The Visual Link Spanish Team

David S. Clark is the director of the U.S. Institute of Languages. Dave designed and created The Visual Link™ Spanish Course and now leads a strong team of software developers and customer service representatives who are dedicated to helping you learn Spanish and become successful in the language.  Feel free to contact Dave or any member of the Visual Link™ Spanish team with any questions you might have about the course. If you haven't already signed up for the free lessons on the home page, be sure and click here to learn Spanish now!

Each week Dave shares his experiences in learning and speaking Spanish in a free weekly Spanish newsletter.  If you would like to talk with Dave about the course or if you have questions about the course, you can contact him with any of the methods below.

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