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Coming to the United States II - Spanish Word List

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  Spanish English
Word(s) lo que más extraño what I miss most
Phrase(s) Lo que más extraño, bueno, son las comidas. What I miss most, well, are the foods.
Word(s) comidas típicas typical foods
Phrase(s) A mí me gusta comer comidas típicas de mi país, I like to eat typical foods from my country,
Word(s) las hamburguesas the hamburgers
Phrase(s) ¿Todavía no se acostumbra a las hamburguesas? You're still not used to the hamburgers?
  A las hamburguesas y los "hot dogs". To the hamburgers and hot dogs.
Word(s) es cierto that's right, true
Phrase(s) Y las pizzas, sí es cierto. And the pizzas, yes that's right.
Word(s) muy poca gente very few people
Phrase(s) muy poca gente lo, lo, lo come, ¿no? very few people eat it (it, it), right?
Word(s) mucha gente come many people eat
Phrase(s) Y sí, aquí he visto que mucha gente come And yes, here I've seen that a lot of people eat
Word(s) bastante quite a lot of, tons of
Phrase(s) bastante pizza y "hot dogs" y hamburguesas. quite a lot of pizza and hot dogs and hamburgers.
Word(s) oye hey
Phrase(s) Oye, diga, Hey, tell me,
Word(s) ¿verdad? right?
Phrase(s) ...Ud. dice que su familia está en México, ¿verdad? ...you say that your family is in Mexico, right?
Word(s) mis sobrinos my nieces and nephews
Phrase(s) mis sobrinos, mi madre, mi padre; my nephews (and nieces), my mother, my father;
Word(s) todos ellos all of them
Phrase(s) todos ellos están allá. all of them are there.
Word(s) ya me tengo que ir I have to get going
Phrase(s) Bueno, ya me tengo que ir. Well, I have to get going.
Word(s) me ha dado gusto it has been nice / it has been a pleasure
Phrase(s) Gracias, gracias, me ha dado gusto Thank you, thank you, it has been nice (a pleasure)
Word(s) se lo agradezco I appreciate that/it
Phrase(s) Se lo agradezco. Hasta luego. I appreciate that. See you later.

View words in a real-life conversation


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