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Meet a Venezuelan - Spanish Word List

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  Spanish English
Word(s) un nuevo amigo a new friend
Phrase(s) a un nuevo amigo, Efraín. to a new friend, Efrain (Ephraim).
Word(s) dinos tell us (tú)
Phrase(s) dinos tu nombre completo. tell us your full (complete) name.
  Y Efraín, dinos ¿cuánto tiempo haces And Efrain, tell us, how long does it take you (do you make)
Word(s) la cultura mía my culture
Phrase(s) Es algo de la cultura mía de Venezuela. It's something about my culture from Venezuela.
Word(s) Sudamérica South America
Phrase(s) Venezuela está en Sudamérica. Venezuela is in South America.
Word(s) un laboratorio médico a medical laboratory
Phrase(s) Yo trabajo en un laboratorio médico. I work in a medical laboratory.
Word(s) mi padrastro my stepdad
Phrase(s) mi mamá y mi papá - ah pues mi padrastro, my mom and my dad - oh well my stepdad,
Word(s) ¿extrañas tu país? do you miss your country?
Phrase(s) Y ¿extrañas tu país? And do you miss your country?
Word(s) he aprendido I have learned
Phrase(s) he aprendido a querer a los Estados Unidos mucho. I have learned to love the United States a lot.
Word(s) querer to want / to love
Phrase(s) he aprendido a querer a los Estados Unidos mucho. I have learned to love the United States a lot.
Word(s) hasta pronto see you soon
Phrase(s) y hasta pronto a todos. and see you soon everyone.
Word(s) nos vemos see you
Phrase(s) Pues muchas gracias, nos vemos. Well thank you, see you.

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