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At the Restaurant Part I - Spanish Word List

Learn these new Spanish words for eating at a restaurant and review them with the flash cards. Then click to see the words in a real-life conversation so that you can know how to use the words when speaking!


See words below in a real-life conversation

  Spanish English
Word(s) voy a ser su mesera I'll be your waitress
Phrase(s) y voy a ser su mesera. and I'll be your waitress.
Word(s) junto a la ventana next to the window
Phrase(s) que está junto a la ventana, that is next to the window,
Word(s) puedo ver el paisaje I can see the scenery
Phrase(s) porque de esa manera puedo ver el paisaje, because that way I can see the scenery,
Word(s) siéntense have a seat
Phrase(s) Por favor, siéntense. Please, have a seat.
Word(s) antes de ordenar before ordering
Phrase(s) ¿Gustan tomar algo antes de ordenar? Would you like to drink something before ordering?
Word(s) leche milk
Phrase(s) están sedientos, pero de leche. are thirsty, but for milk.
  Leche. Milk
Word(s) las bebidas the drinks
Phrase(s) Muy bien, aquí están las bebidas. Alright, here are the drinks.
Word(s) creo que sí I think so
Phrase(s) Creo que sí. I think so.
Word(s) tráigame bring me
Phrase(s) Sí, tráigame una orden de frijoles, Yes, bring me a side order of beans,
  Perfecto tráigame eso. Perfect bring me that.
Word(s) una orden de frijoles a side order of beans
Phrase(s) Sí, tráigame una orden de frijoles, Yes, bring me a side order of beans,
Word(s) salsa roja red salsa
Phrase(s) Ok, una salsa roja. Ok, a red salsa.
Word(s) la especial de la casa the house special
Phrase(s) Sí, son de la especial de la casa. Yes, they are on the house special.
Word(s) combinar to combine
Phrase(s) Bueno, puede combinarlo con frijoles. Well, you can combine it with beans.
Word(s) En seguida momentarily, right away
Phrase(s) En seguida regreso entonces I'll be right back then
  En seguida regreso entonces con su orden. I'll be right back then with your order.

View words in a real-life conversation

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