Learn Spanish Words or Speak the Language?

Spanish words vs. Speaking the Language

Are you looking for just a list of Spanish words like cine (movies) or maybe correo (post office) or are you looking for a way to actually learn to speak Spanish? Wouldn't it be a lot better if you could say Quiero ir al cine (I want to go to the movies) or Yo necesito ir al correo (I need to go to the post office) instead of just being able to recite a list of words?

Memorizing long vocabulary lists won't leave you speaking Spanish. In fact, you could be a walking Spanish dictionary, but if you don't know where and when to use the right words you still won't be able to speak. Learning words in context as you build sentences and really learning to converse in Spanish will put you on the direct path to becoming conversational.

Learn Differently

Many Spanish classes require you to memorize vocabulary and grammar rules. In the end you aren't conversational though you may know something about the rules of the language. Many of you understand what I mean if you've taken Spanish classes in high school, college or elsewhere. If you could only learn practical language that you could use everyday, then you'd really become conversational. Well, you can!

Using the free lessons found here at SpanishPrograms.com you will be speaking in complete sentences and phrases. The unique teaching techniques used in each lesson allow you focus on sentence building while learning vocabulary. You will learn how the language works and how to speak it, not just the words by themselves! If you have ever wanted to learn to speak Spanish, you need to try these lessons. You will be speaking in Spanish after just one first lesson, guaranteed. Click the link below to start your first free lesson. Start a free online Spanish lesson


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