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10 Palabras – Slang Expressions We Often Hear In The Movies and etc

by CaptainCode

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February 28th, 2014

Hola Amigos, since so many of you loved our previous 10 palabras that included a pinch of slang, we decided to give you some more slang expressions. These are slang yet appropriate expressions that are often heard in movies and on TV. So, let’s spice up our Spanish vocabulary together ;)

  1. good vibes; good feelings – buena honda
  2. close friend; a close relative – carnal
  3. cool- chido
  4. crazy; nutcase – chiflado
  5. a blonde – güero
  6. dude – güey
  7. group of friends –  la banda
  8. the money-  la lana
  9. What did you say? / pardon me – mande
  10. uncouth, unrefined –  naco

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