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Archive for August, 2014

by CaptainCode

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August 1st, 2014

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weatherHola amigos, 10 palabras is back with a quick vocabulary lesson. Let’s learn 10 words about weather and weather conditions:

  1. una brisa / una brisa marina:     a breeze / a sea breeze
  2. un trueno:         a clap of thunder, a thunderclap
  3. un cielo/día despejado:              a clear sky/day
  4. un chaparrón: a cloudburst
  5. un relámpago:                 a flash of lightning
  6. una racha:         a gust of wind
  7. una ola de calor:             a heat wave
  8. hay neblina:      it’s misty
  9. está nevado:    it’s snowing
  10. chubascos de nieve:     snow showers

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