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by CaptainCode

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July 8th, 2008

Visual link Spanish™ is the revolutionary way to learn Spanish. Rather than focus on mind-numbingly boring grammar rules (they are important, don’t get us wrong) we focus on teaching you to form sentences. Allowing you to actually communicate. We teach you to understand what you need to know to learn Spanish, and actually speak it. You can try it here for free. Notice that at the end of that lesson, you can already form and understand basic sentences.

Here on our blog you will find all sorts of great information to help you in your language learning endeavours. From cultural tips to help you fit in while visiting a foreign country, to learning tips, and even sneak-peeks on the next latest and greatest products from Visual Link Spanish ™. Also, from time to time, there will be opportunities for you to give feedback on new things we are doing here. Anytime though, you can have your say in the comments; tell us what you love, what you hate (but please be nice, we are people too!), and anything else that might help all of us in our journey to Spanish Mastery.

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