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Culture —– Amigo Week!

by Brandi

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January 11th, 2010

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Vocabulario de la semana – Vocabulary of the Week

como he mencionado – as I have mentioned
una de las mejores maneras – one of the best ways
sugerir – to suggest
manera – way
amigos – friends
no sabe mucho inglés – doesn’t know much English
¿Qué debe hacer? – What should you do?
vecindario – neighborhood
un evento latino – a Latin event
mejorar – to improve
música – music
baile – dance
disponible – available
por la primera vez – for the first time
hemos creado – we have created
aquí – here
cuándo – when
qui én va a asistir – who is going to attend
dónde – where
¿Cómo lo hago? – how do I do it?
reglas – rules
por favor – please
también – also
comunicación – communication
al público en general – to the general public
algunas frases – some phrases
me gustaría compartir – I’d like to share
nota cultural – cultural note
generalmente – generally
prioridad – priority
hay muchas excepciones – there are a lot of exceptions
en su país – in your country
información – information

Como he mencionado from previous newsletters, una de las mejores maneras to improve your Spanish, apart from a course like ours, is to converse with native Spanish speakers. Now I would like to sugerir that an even better manera to learn Spanish is to become amigos with native Spanish speakers – especially one that no sabe mucho inglés.

¿Qué debe hacer if you do not know where to find a native Spanish-speaking amigo? I recommend looking around your vecindario, at work, or even try to go Latin dancing or go to un evento latino. Latin dancing is a great way to mejorar your Spanish and learn more about Latin culture through música and baile.

Now me gustaría compartir a quick nota cultural about amigos in Latin America vs. in the United States. Generalmente aquí in the United States, work and making money are the number one prioridad in many people’s lives. Often amigos and family come second priority. In Latin America , generalmente amigos and family are considered to be the first prioridad and work comes second. It can be said that some people work to live while other people live to work. Of course hay muchas excepciones, but this is generalmente how it is in the two countries. What is it like en su país?

Since this is amigo week, be sure and send información about our newsletters and website to amigos who would like to learn Spanish.

Sneak peek at next week: “Strike!”

¡Hasta luego! (“Until later”)

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