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Spanish Travel Expressions

by Jake Beus

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October 21st, 2011

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Mexico Vacation

In case you didn’t know this, it’s Friday! Many of our customers learn Spanish for travel purposes. These people travel to Spanish-speaking countries and are able to do more things and have more fun because they have some degree of command on the Spanish language. I want you to be able to have more fun when you travel as well. This is a short list of a few Spanish travel expressions that could be helpful to you on your weekend getaway or whenever you travel:

I want to go to the travel agent’s office. | Quiero ir a la oficina del agente de viajes.
I want to go to the city. | Quiero ir a la ciudad.
Where is it? | ¿Dónde está?
Where do I turn? | ¿Dónde doy vuelta?
This way. | Por aquí.
That way. | Por allí.
When will we arrive at the beach? | ¿Cuándo llegaremos a la playa?
Please show me the way to the store. | Por favor dime cómo se llega a la tienda.
How far is it? | ¿A qué distancia está?
How long does it take to go to the city? | ¿En cuánto tiempo se llega a la ciudad?
Can I walk there? | ¿Puedo llegar a pie?

Obviously I can’t put every Spanish travel expression you could possibly need for your travels. There is a travel section of the Visual Link Spanish Level 1 software which will aptly prepare you for speaking Spanish during your travel adventures. Take advantage of any opportunity who you can to speak Spanish with local people in their native tongue. Ask them questions and truly listen. Good luck and have fun!


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