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To Be Scared in Spanish

by Jake Beus

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October 31st, 2011

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In honor of Halloween and the Day of the Dead, I want you to be able to be able to express your fear in the Spanish language. Here is some helpful Halloween Spanish vocabulary you can use tonight and for the next few days:

to scare, frighten | asustar, achantar

A mí las brujas no me asustan.
(The witches don’t scare me.)

to be scared | estar asustado

A pesar de todos los ladrones, no estoy asustado.
(In spite of all the robbers, I’m not scared.)

to be scared stiff | estar muerto de miedo

José estaba muerto de miedo cuando oyó las noticias.
(José was scared stiff when he heard the news.)

scaredy-cat, easily frightened | asustón/asustona
Claudia tiene miedo de todo. ¡Que asustona!

I hope that you have a fun and safe Halloween or Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) tonight and over the next few days. Be sure to practice this Halloween vocabulary. Don’t get too scared!

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