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More Thanksgiving Spanish

by Jake Beus

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November 18th, 2011

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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I seem to overeat on most holidays, but my stomach seems to naturally stretch a little bit more on Thanksgiving. I give thanks, then I eat and eat and eat. I know I wrote a post about Thanksgiving Spanish yesterday, but in this spirit of self-indulgence I give to you another Thanksgiving Spanish lesson. But first, if you haven’t seen it yet, watch yesterday’s Thanksgiving Spanish video:

I couldn’t cover anything in the video, so here is a little bit more vocabulary that may be helpful to you on Thanksgiving Day. I dedicate this post to Thanksgiving food.

pavo | turkey
papas | potatoes
arándano agrios | cranberries
zanahorias | carrots
remolacha | beets
pastel de manzana | apple pie
pastel de cereza | cherry pie
pastel de calabaza | pumpkin pie
relleno | stuffing
habichuelas tiernas | green beans
maíz | corn
fútbol americano | American football
Comí demasiado. | I ate too much.
Me alegra poder estar con mi familia. | I am happy that I can be with my family.
Me alegra poder estar con mis amigos. | I am happy that I can be with my friends.
Gracias a todos ustedes. | Thanks to all of you.
Estoy agradecido por estar vivo. | I am thankful to be alive.

Whether you have a lot or you don’t have much, be thankful for what you have. As Kenny Chesney says in one of my favorite songs:

“As for me I’d like thank my lucky starts, cause I’m alive and well.”

Express your gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving!

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