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My Favorite Spanish Idioms With Dar

by Jake Beus

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November 15th, 2011

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In the Spanish language there are many idioms and expressions that don’t make sense when translated directly into the English language. Do your best to avoid direct translation. Try to learn Spanish idioms in context rather than just reviewing a vocabulary list and memorizing it. Whenever I give you a list of Spanish idioms, I will also give you an example of them used in a sentence or two. This is a list of my favorite Spanish idioms using the verb “dar” in some form. Notice how they are used in my examples. In addition to learning from my sentences, practice by forming your own sentences and incorporating your new vocabulary into them.

dale que dale | on and on, over and over again, phrase that expresses repetition
Aquí estoy, dale que dale a la oficina. (Here I am, working away in the office.)
Ya me cansé de que siempre estés dale que dale al tambor. (I’m tired of you always banging the drums.)

dar a alguien con la puerta en las narices | to refuse someone something, to slam the door on him/her
Cuando les pedí un aumento, me dieron con la puerta en las narices. (When I asked them for a raise, they slammed the door in my face.)
Los negociantes me dieron con la puerta en las narices. (The businessmen turned me down.)

dar asco | to make someone sick to his or her stomach, to disgust
Ese pollo me da asco. (That chicken makes me sick to my stomach.)
La comida de mi hermano me da asco. (My brother’s food makes me sick.)

There are many more Spanish idioms using “dar”. Those are just a few of my favorites. Be sure to practice using them in sentences rather than memorizing them.


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