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Spanish Music Isn’t Something to Miss

by CaptainCode

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December 5th, 2013

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Did you know the guitar was invented in Spain? So these people must know a thing or two about music!

Do you like Spanish music? And we do not mean any music and songs in Spanish (although songs in Spanish are just another great way to learn the language). Yet, this time we do not mean Shakira, Marc Anthony or Mariachi – these are great samples of Latin American and Mexican music.

For truly Spanish music, think Flamenco. As traditional and historic and it is, Flamenco is something that you will hear in cafes, bars and in the streets of Spanish cities. There are at least 30 varieties of flamenco in Spain and can be found everywhere. And since the Spainish invented the guitar, these people know their music. The famous Spanish poet Fredrico Garcia Lorca called flamenco one of the greatest inventions of the Spanish people.

Flamenco can be considered much more than music–rather a lifestyle. With so much diversity in Spain the love of flamenco has been a constant throughout and even has roots in France. The beauty of flamenco takes more than just a guitar; the style is tied to the elaborate dancers with castanets and the traditional hand clapping.

The type of flamenco most tourists see is with colorful dresses and music dating back to the 16th century from the region of Andalucía with traces of Moorish and Jewish traditions. But flamenco is not just a style from centuries before. El Camarón de la isla (1950-1992) helped bring about nuevo (new) flamenco with the induction of the electric bass. Camarón is considered a legend in Spain with his image everywhere from car stickers to t-shirts.

After a battle with lung cancer Camarón died. Over 100,000 mourners at the funeral truly showed the world the power his music had on people. Following his death, film director Jaime Chávarrí made a movie of his life which later received several nominations for the prestigious Goya Awards.

Today flamenco is still a huge part of understanding the culture; don’t think that Enrique Iglesias is what Spanish music is all about. Here’s a great example of Flamenco to add some Spanish feel to your day:

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