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10 Palabras: It’s All About Internet

by CaptainCode

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January 23rd, 2014

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Although we spend much time online (hey, you’re even learning Spanish online!), many of us are still at a loss for Spanish words when it comes to terms related to Internet. As all ‘dot coms’ become a regular part of our life, let’s learn some of them in Spanish.

Here’s today’s 10 Palabras (of a few more- who’s counting, right?):

  • @ (at)  – arroba
  • Bold (font) – negrita
  • dot com- punto com
  • drop down list/ drop down menu/pop-up menu –  menu desplegable
  • Forward (the name of the forward button)- adelante
  • hyperlink- hiperenlace
  • lurking- fisgoneo, mironeo (lurker – mirón)
  • surf- navegar
  • word wrap –  retorno automático de la palabra
  • to attach (to emails) – adjuntar
  • template – plantilla
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