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10 Palabras: Useful Expressions (And A Pinch Of Slang)

by CaptainCode

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January 27th, 2014

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Today’s 10 palabras will be about useful expressions in Spanish. Yes, there words that spice up the language, make it less ‘textbooky’ and more alive – which is the goal of Visual Link Spanish. And about no.10, all we can say: please pardon our Spanish ;).

1. You’re kidding. – Estás de broma
2. Speaking of the devil – Hablando del rey de Roma
3. Were you born in a field/barn? – Cierra la puerta
4. What a rip off. – ¡Qué timo!
5. What a mess! – ¡Qué lío!
6. What a cheek! – ¡Qué cara!
7. By all means – No faltaría mas/Por supuesto
8. Chat someone up – Ligar con alguien
9. Cheer up! – ¡Anímate!
10. A pain in the arse – un coñazo (vulgar)

Have a great week everyone!

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