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10 Palabras: Useful Words To Describe A Personality

by CaptainCode

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January 9th, 2014

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How would you describe yourself in Spanish? What about your best friend? And what about that colleague you can barely stand? How often do you feel out of words needing to describe a personality?

Today, we give you 10 palabras that can be used to describe a personality. And, while we encourage you to learn all words here, we sure hope you find yourself drawn to using the positive ones more often. Have a great day everyone!

  1. brave: valiente
  2. annoying: pesado
  3. friendly: amigable, simpático, agradable
  4. mean: tacaño
  5. open-minded: de actitud abierta, sin prejuicios
  6. narrow-minded: de mentalidad cerrada, intolerant
  7. sensible: sensato, prudente;
  8. sensitive: sensible
  9. charming: encantador
  10. conceited, full of oneself: presumido

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