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Posts Tagged ‘cada’

by Jake Beus

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November 8th, 2011

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Spanish slang should not be a focus of your Spanish study, but it can helpful and fun to learn. It is a part of conversational Spanish that can’t be ignored. It’s important to learn the basics of conversational Spanish and learn bits of Spanish slang here and there in the process. For today, here is a list of Spanish slang expressions using the word “cada”. Remember that some of these expressions may not be too common in certain countries and regions, but they are more popular in others. Be sure to ask the natives if what you said “tiene sentido”, or makes sense.

a cada rato | all the time, frequently
Me pides la hora a cada rato. (You keep asking me what time it is all the time.)
Mis hijos se enferman y estornudan a cada rato. (My kids get sick and sneeze all the time.)

cada muerte de un obispo | once in a blue moon
Tomo cerveza cada muerte de un obispo. (I drink beer once in a blue moon.)
Trabajo más de cuarenta horas cada muerte de un obispo. (I work more than 40 hours once in a blue moon.

a cada instante | every other minute, constantly
A cada instante se le ocurre una buena idea. (He is constantly coming up with good ideas.)
A cada instante necesita ir al baño. (Every other minute she needs to go to the bathroom.)

cada oveja con su pareja | in twos, all paired up, everyone with a partner
Pasamos tres días en México y cada oveja fue con su pareja. (We spent 3 days in Mexico and all of us paired up.)
Salimos a la ciudad y cada oveja fue con su pareja. (We went out to the city and everyone paired up.)

cada loco con su tema | It’s his/her hobbyhorse, he’s/she’s running it into the ground, expression used when someone is too insistent about something
Dejémoslo que hable; cada loco con su tema. (Let’s let him talk; it’s his hobby horse.)
Mi jefe siempre habla de su idea; cada loco con su tema. (My boss always talks about his idea. He’s too insistent about it.)

cada quien se rasque con sus propias uñas | Everyone for himself or herself, alone without support
No les vamos a dar de comer, cada quien se rasque con sus propias uñas. (We aren’t going to feed you. Everyone for himself or herself.)
No hay transporte al congreso. Nos han dicho que cada quien se rasque con sus propias uñas. (There’s no transportation to the conference. They have told us everyone for himself or herself.)

The Spanish phrase I have heard the most out of all of these is “a cada rato”. Which one have you heard the most? Which is your favorite?

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