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Posts Tagged ‘exercise’

by Jake Beus

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August 11th, 2011

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Spanish Video Lesson – At the Gym

Spanish at the Gym

How often have you wished you could speak Spanish while at the gym? You know that you like to brag about how often you go to the gym, and now you can brag about it in Spanish as well. I would like you to get on our Facebook page and brag to everyone about how often you go to the gym. Exercise is very important, so you might as well be able to talk about it in more than one language.

Here is the vocabulary from the video:

I want to exercise. Quiero hacer ejercicio.
I want to play basketball. Quiero jugar baloncesto/básquetbol.
I want to be strong. Quiero ser fuerte.
Please help me. Ayúdame, por favor.
I like to run. Me gusta correr.
I like to ride bikes. Me gusta pasear en bicicleta.
I am tired. Estoy cansado.
What kind of exercise do you like? ¿Qué forma de ejercicio te gusta hacer?
I am stronger than you. Soy más fuerte que tú.
How often do you exercise? ¿Con qué frecuencia haces ejercicio?
I exercise everyday. Hago ejercicio todos los días.
I exercise 3 times per week. Hago ejercicio tres veces por semana.

Make sure you visit Visual Link Spanish on Facebook and tell us how often you go to they gym and what kind of exercise you like to do. I look forward to reading your responses and helping you practice Spanish.

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