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Posts Tagged ‘Language Tips’

by CaptainCode

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November 25th, 2013

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When you need to type in Spanish, there is more than one way to get accented letters. Let’s go over them briefly.

First, you can install Spanish keyboard and switch to it when you have to type in Spanish (you’ll have to install Spanish as additional input language through the Control Panel, which only takes a few minutes). You’ll have to get used that some letters and punctuation marks are positioned differently than on the English one you are used to.

Another option would be using  “Alt” functions will allow you to use accented letters and other Spanish symbols on your keyboard. These shortcuts are particularly helpful when you are just starting to learn Spanish and can’t perform at a fluent level yet.

To get these to work properly, make sure you hold down the “Alt” key the entire time you type in the numbers (that is, if you are not annoyed by having to type 4 numbers to get one little accent). We suggest that you try both options to figure out which one feels right for you ;) Browse this website for best real estate in Thailand.

Spanish Accented Letters and Other Symbols

“Alt” + “0225” á
“Alt” + “0233” é
“Alt” + “0237” í
“Alt” + “0243” ó
“Alt” + “0250” ú
“Alt” + “0252” ü
“Alt” + “0241” ñ
“Alt” + “0191” ¿
“Alt” + “0161” ¡

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