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Posts Tagged ‘Mount Everest’

by Dave Clark

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August 25th, 2011

Essential Spanish Vocabulary You will Need Next Time You Climb Mount Everest

Spanish for Mount Everest Video Lesson

Let’s face it, the last time you climbed Mount Everest, you probably looked at something and wondered, “How do I say that in Spanish?” This week is probably our most useful video yet as you learn important phrases that can be used when climbing Mount Everest. Watch the video and you’ll learn what a “Sherpa” is, how to tell people (in Spanish) if you have problems breathing, and other vital emergency phrases – all combined with a neat little grammar lesson on masculine, feminine, singular and plural. Let’s face it, nobody goes to the extremes that we do to help you learn such useful Spanish.

Of course, the best part is that you can join us on Facebook Fiesta Friday to practice your Mount Everest vocabulary. The questions of the week are: “Do you like mountain climbing?” and “What mountain would you climb if you could?” (see the Spanish equivalents below).

Here is the key vocabulary from the video – ¡Disfruten! (Enjoy!):

I can’t breathe very well up here. No puedo respirar bien aquí arriba.
I feel like I’m going to die. Me siento como voy a morir.
I like how that Sherpa sings. Me gusta como canta esa Sherpa.
Can you ask that Sherpa to sing at my funeral? ¿Puede preguntarle a esa Sherpa a contar en mi funeral?
I don’t like mountain climbing. No me gusta escalar montañas.
My friend tricked me into coming here. Mi amigo me engañó para que viniera aquí.
I like mountain climbing. Me gusta escalar montañas.
My Mi/s
Frozen Congelado/a/s
My hands are frozen. Mis manos están congeladas.
My nose is frozen. Mi nariz está congelada.
My ears are frozen. Mis orejas están congeladas.
My finger is frozen. Mi dedo está congelado.
Questions of the week: –>
Do you like to climb mountains? ¿Te gusta escalar montañas?
What mountain would you climb if you could? ¿Qué montaña escalaría si pudiera?
I would climb… Escalaría…

Make sure you visit Visual Link Spanish on Facebook and tell us about your experience climbing Mount Everest. Did you meet a special Sherpa? Did you get frost bite? Did you have a near-death experience? Come share amigos!

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