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Posts Tagged ‘occupations’

by Jake Beus

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October 11th, 2011

Spanish Occupations

Occupations in Spanish

You have had a nice weekend, and some of you didn’t have to work yesterday. Welcome back to work my friends. The world is happy to have you back at work. Be proud of what you do. In fact, let’s talk about what you do for a living. Here is a list of occupations in Spanish and a little Spanish vocabulary.

What do you do for work? | ¿De qué trabajas?
Do you like your job? | ¿Te gusta tu trabajo?
I like to go to work every day. | Me gusta ir al trabajo cada día.
I am… | Soy…
baker | panadero
florist | el florista
mechanic | mecánico
travel agent | agente de viajes
tailor | costurera/sastre
butcher | carnicero
housekeeper | ama de llaves
painter | pintora
plumber | plomera
real estate agent | agente de bienes raíces
gardener | jardinero

Here is a little Spanish grammar lesson:

Soy panadero. | I am a baker. (correct)
Soy (un) panadero. (incorrect)
Do NOT use “un” or “una” after the verb ‘ser’ when describing what you do for work.

Please answer the questions in the blog comments or on the Visual Link Spanish Facebook page. Be proud of what you do!

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