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Posts Tagged ‘post thanksgiving’

by Jake Beus

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November 28th, 2011

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As much as I love Thanksgiving, it can take a toll on the body. On Thanksgiving morning I played 2 hours of football with some friends at a local park. That was followed by an enormous Thanksgiving feast with loads of turkey, ham, rolls, mashed potatoes, and turkey gravy. In the moment I thoroughly enjoyed both activities with friends and family. However, for the last few days my body has felt the effects of Thanksgiving Day. With that in mind, here is a post-Thanksgiving Spanish lesson:

fútbol americano | football
Me torcí el tobillo. | I twisted my ankle.
El caminar me duele. | It hurts to walk.
Comí demasiado. | I ate too much.
Me siento enfermo. | I feel sick.
Necesito bajar de peso. | I need to lose weight.
La comida no me apetece. | Food doesn’t sound good to me.
Mi único deseo es dormir. | My only desire is to sleep.
El pavo me hace cansado. | Turkey makes me tired.
¿Cuántos días hasta la navidad? | How many days until Christmas?

Are there some other phrases that I left out? I would love to hear any useful, clever Spanish phrases that you have used over the past few days. Leave me some suggestions in the blog comments. I look forward to reading them.

I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! It’s never too late to be thankful. Show your gratitude for the people and things that are in your life. Now it is time to turn your attention toward the Christmas holiday season…

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