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Posts Tagged ‘Sub for Santa’

by Dave Clark

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December 15th, 2011

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Spanish Video Lesson – Spanish For Sub for Santa

Sub for Santa Spanish

At this time of year, with all we’ve been blessed with – like the Visual Link Spanish blog, Facebook Fiesta Friday, a warm home to sleep in and food to eat, I hope we can remember those less fortunate than us and get involved with a Sub for Santa helping those in need.

As a part of giving back to you this Christmas/Holiday season, we are giving everyone a free Level I audio course on MP3 (before we created our software, we used to sell the audio course for $100 – and now, we’re giving it to you FREE as part of our 12 days of Christmas + 1)! Be sure and tell all your friends about it. But BEWARE! the day after Christmas it will be gone, so if you don’t download all the audios by then, you will have lost your opportunity. Honestly, we hope that thousands of courses are downloaded so the holiday cheer can be spread all around the world. Facebook it and Tweet it out. Next, be sure to visit us tomorrow on Facebook to practice your Spanish and tell us about a Sub for Santa experience you’ve had.

Here is the vocabulary from the video:

Surprise Christmas Navidad de sorpresa
How many boys do you have? ¿Cuántos varones tienen?
How daughters do you have? ¿Cuántas hijas tienen?
How old are they? ¿Cuántos años tienen?
What size is he? ¿Qué tamaño es él?
What size is she? ¿Qué tamaño es ella?
We have some presents for you. Tenemos unos regalos para Uds.
We want to give them to you at your house. Queremos dárselos en su casa.
When will you be home? ¿Cuándo van a estar en casa?
Merry Christmas! ¡Feliz Navidad!
How are you? ¿Cómo están Uds.?
These presents are for you. Estos regalos son para Uds.
You’re welcome De nada
I hope you have a great Christmas! ¡Espero que pasen una buena Navidad!
Question of the week:
Have you done a surprise Christmas before? ¿Ha hecho una Navidad de sorpresa antes?

This Saturday, be sure to come back to the blog for a post that answers a question about “Why Spanish speakers don’t use ‘yo, tú, él, ella, etc.’ when they speak”.

Also, you can still get Visual Link with a huge discount and on-time for Christmas! Come to our website Monday for a FREE 2-day Express shipping sale with 55% off everything in our catalog. This offer will expire on Tuesday – be sure to check Facebook on Monday for the coupon code and more info.

Visual Link Spanish Online Catalog

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