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Vocabulario de la semana – Weekly Vocabulary

by Brandi

calendar image

June 22nd, 2010

no les vamos a enseñar – we’re not going to teach you (plural)
la cultura – the culture
en este área – in this area (area is spelled the same in both languages)
antes de pasar tiempo – before spending time
de región a región – from region to region
España – Spain
lo mismo es verdad – the same is true
por ejemplo – for example
significa – means
país a país – country to country
dicen – they say
aquí hay otro – here’s another one
un hombre inocente – an innocent man
hace unos a& ntilde;os – a few years ago
trabajando con él – working with him
explicó que – explained that
y él dijo – and he said
solidificado – solidified
afortunadamente – luckily (fortunately)
y aclaró la situación – and clarified the situation
la frase – the phrase
en esta situación – in this situation
su conocimiento – his knowledge
la próxima vez – the next time
tenga mucho cuidado – be very careful
palabras – words
entendidas – understood
palabras y frases de español – Spanish words and phrases
nueve años – nine years
trabajando para perfeccionarlo – working to perfect it
un abogado – a lawyer
ha sido vendido – it has been sold

To learn more Spanish words and phrases, please visit our website www.spanishprograms.com

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2 Responses

  1. Lois Bradow says:

    Hi Dave, My husband and I really looked forward to the vocabulary and phrases that you integrated into a mostly Enlish written piece. For example, you did that in the August 2009 Archive “Culture: Visita personal–Part 2″. The week’s vocabulary words and phrases in most of your pieces were laid out in the order they were in the paragraphs. That was really great because we didn’t have to hunt all through the list for the words. We knew right where they would show up. For the last several months you haven’t done this. Why? and will you be doing it again?

    Also I don’t know how many people would find this section. My suggestion would be that it should be listed on top of the newsletter somewhere under a different heading. It’s listed under “click here to share your thoughts” and it’s pretty far down the newsletter. We have had your program for some time and love it and we just found this section. Hope all is well. Lois Bradow

    • Brandi says:

      Hi Lois,
      Thanks for your feedback regarding the software, I’m glad you like it. In regards to your question about the blog changes and why there aren’t any Spanish words mixed in anymore, we simply made a change in our blog format. If you are looking for new Spanish words, visit our new website: http://www.visuallinklanguages.com/spanish-words/ for over 1,000 different words in various categories for free.

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