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Thieves in Latin America

by E

calendar image

March 23rd, 2011

How many of you have heard horror stories about people traveling to Latin America and getting robbed of all possessions? Yes, it happens and it is something to be cautious about. Since Americans usually stand out like a sore thumb, we become easy targets. Here are some general rules to follow when traveling to Latin America.

Leave the diamonds home. Buy a cheap, worry-free CZ ring instead.

Cameras??? Take a small, point and shoot camera. If you are anything like me and can’t live without your DSLR, make sure you have insurance on the beast and keep the memory card seperate from the camera. If at all possible, leave the big camera home.

Hide your money! Back pockets are loose. Get a money clip and hide the money under your clothing.

Drape your bags diagonally across your body and make sure you can see the opening at all times.

A few of these tips will help keep your belongings secure, and keep the thieves off of your ‘Americano’ scent.

And as always, watch the natives for the “thief sign”. The thief sign is made by putting the hand with the palm sideways and bringing all four fingers in to touch the palm one at a time…beginning with the pinky finger. It’s very subtle, but can be very valuable if you see someone making that sign. Red flags fly saying a thief is nearby and may have their eye on you.

Don’t be a victim of robbery in Latin America. For any of you who are learning Spanish to travel to Latin America, I hope you take these precautions for a fun and safe trip!

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