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by E

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July 5th, 2011

Who hasn’t known a sarcastic friend or co-worker at some point in your life? 

Enjoy friends!

Signed E

2 Responses

  1. re: sarcasm
    Me gozo el video sobre el sarcasmo. Gracias. Como mujer canadiense de un hombre latino, yo siempre me encontro en dificultades con las maneras. (Se piensan que yo estoy ‘mal educada’). La vida entre dos culturas es muy dura. (I enjoyed the video about sarcasm. Thank you. As a Canadian wife of a Latin, I always find myself in difficulties with my manners. They think that I am ‘badly educated’. Life between two cultures is very hard.


  2. Susan smith says:

    Great to watch the video.Got to know manners of some of them.Wish to see few more videos on the same topic.Bye tc

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