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Boss Your Kids Around in Spanish

by Dave Clark

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September 22nd, 2011

Spanish Video Lesson – How to Boss Your Kids Around in Spanish

I know the title of this week’s video lesson may sound a little controversial – don’t worry, we don’t advocate being mean to children. However, it probably caught your attention and got you to read the title and wonder what the lesson would be about. Anyway, here you are and here’s the lesson.

If you have children, these are some useful phrases I have said to my kids in Spanish over the years and they’ve learned them quite well. You can learn them and practice them with your kids also. It’s a great way to give your kids exposure to Spanish. Be sure and listen to the Spanish pronunciation well so you teach them a proper accent.

Here is the vocabulary from the video:

Pull your pants up Sube tu pantalón
Brush your teeth Cepíllate los dientes
Come here Ven por acá
Come here (shortened version) Ven
Come here (to more than one child) Vengan por acá
Come here (more than one, shortened) Vengan
Don’t do that No hagas eso
It’s time to go to bed Es hora de dormir
Be quiet Cállate
Don’t make so much noise/fuss No hagas tanta bulla
Eat your food! Come tu comida
I love you a lot Te quiero mucho
Questions of the week:
Do you have children? ¿Tienes hijos?
How many children do you have? ¿Cuántos hijos tienes?

After learning those words, be sure and try them out on your kids or grandkids (if you have either).

Regardless, please come and share with us on Facebook Fiesta Friday. Remember, you can come to our Visual Link Spanish Facebook page each week and practice what you learned. The questions of the week will be ¿Tienes hijos? (Do you have children?), and How many children do you have? (¿Cuántos hijos tienes?)

If you don’t have children yet, please tell us in Spanish how many you want to have in the future. Example: I want to have three children. (Quiero tener tres hijos.)

Please practice what you’ve learned and come answer those questions on Facebook – hope to see you there!

If you want to learn Spanish at a higher level, try one of our Free Spanish Downloads.

Future Facebook Fiesta Friday Topics:

September 30, 2011 – What to Say to Your Parents in Spanish

October 7, 2011 – Speaking Spanish With Your Best Friend

October 14, 2011 – Getting to Know a Spanish Speaker

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