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Can I Learn Spanish On My Cell Phone?

by Jake Beus

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September 12th, 2011


Since I own an  iPhone, I searched through the app store on my phone. I don’t want to hear any guff from you owners of Android phones. There are a lot of things that you can do which I can’t. Your phones are gaining popularity, but I think it’s safe to say that the iPhone is still the most popular cell phone. I will answer the “Can I learn Spanish on my cell phone” question with a focus on the iPhone. If any of you own Android phones and have found success with particular apps, please comment below.

Quite a few results came up when I searched for “learn spanish” in the app store. There certainly are a lot of options. Most of the apps aren’t free. The most expensive one I found was $19.99. A few companies offer free apps that work with their Spanish software programs. It seemed to me that most of the apps were vocabulary-based with lots of games. There are some nice dictionaries that provide audio in addition to a translation.

Many companies offer mp3 audio lessons in addition to their software course. That is really nice if they do because then you can review what you learn from wherever you are. Our Level 1, 2 and 3 courses have mp3 audio with the courses so you can review. We also have created the Visual Link Spinner, which teaches you important Spanish vocabulary in a unique way so you can create hundreds of sentences.

The conclusion I have come to after searching through different apps is that you get a portion of the learning process on your cell phone, but not the whole piece of the pie. However, I think that technology is headed in that direction. Avoid wasting money and get the apps that have the most reviews and ratings. It’s a definite plus if you are familiar with the app publisher.


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