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Restaurant Spanish Lesson

by Jake Beus

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September 19th, 2011

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Restaurant Spanish

It can be a lot of fun to eat at a restaurant and practice your Spanish. More than likely there will be some sort of Central American, South American, or Spanish restaurant that you can visit. Your server will appreciate your efforts to speak in his/her native language. Here is some vocabulary to get you started:

cook – cocinero
waitress – mesera
waiter – mesero
menu – menú
booth – caseta/casilla
straw – popote/sorbeto
soft drink – refresco
tea – té
sugar packet – paquetito de azúcar
check (bill) – cuenta
to eat – comer
to drink – beber/tomar
to order – ordenar
to pay – pagar
Could you give us the check please? – ¿Podría darnos la cuenta, por favor?
We would like to order. – Nos gustaría ordenar.
I would like… – Me gustaría…

Challenge: Go visit a restaurant where you can practice your Spanish, practice your Spanish, and tell me about your experience.

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