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Workplace Spanish

by Dave Clark

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October 20th, 2011

Spanish Video Lesson – Workplace Spanish

Do you need Spanish for the workplace?

Many of you use Spanish in the workplace, or maybe I should say if you knew Spanish, you would use it in the workplace. Here are some key phrases that can help you with Spanish in the workplace. If you want more Spanish, be sure and visit our page to learn Spanish online where you will be able to learn all the basics to converse in Spanish. After watching the video above, we’d love to see you 0n our Visual Link Spanish Facebook page to practice. Come on over on Friday when we’ll chat about this topic.

Here is the vocabulary from the video:

How is that project going? ¿Cómo va ese proyecto?
How are things going for you? ¿Cóme le/te va?
Tell me about your family. Cuéntame de tu familia.
Do you want to eat lunch together? ¿Quiere almorzar juntos?
(If you manage or work with
Spanish speakers)
Almost Casi
That’s not done that way. Eso no se hace así.
I’ll show/teach you how to do it. Te enseño a hacerlo.
Can you show/teach me how to do it? ¿Puede enseñarme a hacerlo?
Be careful ¡Ten cuidado!
This is very important. Esto es muy importante.
Come with me. Ven/Venga conmigo.
You have to work harder. Tiene que esforzarse más.
We have to work harder. Tenemos que esforzarnos más.
You need to reach the goal. Necesita alcanzar la meta.
We need to reach the goal. Necesitamos alcanzar la meta.
Question of the Week
Do you work with Spanish speakers at work? ¿Trabajas con personas que hablan español en el trabajo?

Learning workplace Spanish is a great goal. It can help you tremendously in the workplace to be more effective and gain new friends. It can also really boost your resume and make you more marketable.

Remember, we’d love to see you on our Facebook page so you can come and practice with us. Thanks for joining us amigos!

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