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5 Spanish Expressions with Hay

by Jake Beus

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January 17th, 2012

One more day until the daily program begins! We will walk you through the Visual Link Spanish Level 1 course and suggest what you should be doing each day. Be sure to check back here on the blog tomorrow and keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated. You have to deal with one more day riding along with me and my Spanish expressions. Here are 5 Spanish expressions with ‘hay‘:

no hay bronca | no problem
No hay bronca. Hablemos de otra cosa. | No problem. Let’s talk about something else.
Vamos a la casa. No hay bronca. | Let’s go home. It’s not a problem.

no hay de qué | don’t mention it, you’re welcome
No hay de qué, amigo. Estoy encantado de ayudarte. | You’re welcome, dear friend. I’m delighted to help you.
No hay de qué. Voy a compartir mis cosas. | You’re welcome. I’m going to share my things.

no hay pero que valga | there’s no buts about it
Tienes que aceptar esta oferta y no hay pero que valga. | You have to accept this offer and there’s no buts about it.
Vamos al cine y no hay pero que valga. | We’re going to the movies and no buts about it.

no hay vuelta de hoja | there’s no turning back, there’s no doubt about it
Así se va a hacer y no hay vuelta de hoja. | That’s the way it’ll be done and there’s no backing out of it.
Ya no hablemos;  no hay vuelta de hoja. | Let’s not talk anymore about it; there’s no turning back.

no hay pena | no need to be embarrassed
Mira, no hay pena. No puedes recordar el nombre de todos tus clientes. | Look, no need to be embarrassed. You can’t remember the names of all your customers.
No hay pena. No sabías. | No need to be embarrassed. You didn’t know.

Daily Challenge: Use one of these phrases in your daily Spanish practice and tell me about it in the comments or on Facebook.

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