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Learn Spanish Challenge: Day 64

by Jake Beus

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April 17th, 2012

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Day 64 of the Learn Spanish Challenge! Watch the video!

“Positive thinking without excellent doing is the pursuit of delusionists.” -Unknown

Learn Spanish Challenge, Day 64
Describing Characteristics Section 9, Unit 5

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Are you new to the Learn Spanish Challenge? Begin at Day 1.

Congratulations for making it to Day 64 of the Learn Spanish Challenge! I am a believer in positive thinking and how it can improve every aspect of your life; however, I sometimes get caught up in a little too much dreaming and not enough doing. Are you the same way? Dreaming is a good thing because it can help you choose your vision, but doing helps you become who you want to be.

In today’s video, Dave guides you through Unit 5 of the Describing Characteristics Section. Today’s workload is similar to yesterday’s workload in regards to length. Dave also encourages you to keep a Spanish to English dictionary handy. If you have a smartphone, there are several good dictionary apps. There are also a few good pocket manuals. When you are stumped about what someone has said, it is very helpful to quickly look up a specific word or phrase so that you can understand the gist of what was said.

These videos are being posted on the blog under the category “Learn Spanish Challenge”. You can also watch the videos on our YouTube channel, and I post them daily on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Be a dreamer AND a doer.


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