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Learn Spanish Challenge: Day 66

by Jake Beus

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April 19th, 2012

Day 66 of the Learn Spanish Challenge! Watch the video!

β€œIt doesn’t matter where you start. It matters not whether you finish first. It only matters how much distance you covered.” -Unknown

Learn Spanish Challenge, Day 66
Describing Characteristics Section 9, Unit 7

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Are you new to the Learn Spanish Challenge? Begin at Day 1.

Congratulations for making it to Day 66 of the Learn Spanish Challenge! You should be proud of the progress you have made. Today’s quote is very applicable to where you are. It really doesn’t matter how old or young you are. You have come a long way in your pursuit of learning Spanish.

In today’s video, Dave guides you through Unit 7 of the Describing Characteristics Section. Today there aren’t as many lessons as there have been the past few days. How well are you able to describe characteristics now? You should be seeing some major progress. Try and practice and test and review as much as you can.

These videos are being posted on the blog under the category β€œLearn Spanish Challenge”. You can also watch the videos on our YouTube channel, and I post them daily on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Look how far you’ve come!


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